Starting the Program

D20PRO Launcher

Game Launcher

The launcher has several options for working with D20PRO (connect as a player, hosting a game, managing your account).

Create Account

Create Account opens a dialog and allows you to create your D20PRO account. This is used for managing your license and Marketplace purchases.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can verify your account and reset your password here.

Memory Allocation

On the bottom of the launcher is a button for Upper Memory Limit, which shows the current allotment. It is suggested to use 1/2 your total RAM or less. 2g to 4g should suit most common users. You will need to close and relaunch D20PRO for this to take effect.

Lock Symbol

Lock Symbol

The lock symbol is typically a result of the program not having enough RAM to load the assets and thus it uses a lock symbol as a placeholder. It is rare, but it can also be a case of trying to use encrypted/copywrite assets on a map.


Licenses allow you to host games or join a game as a player. Please see Licenses for more information on this subject.


Guest Account

Join (PC) - Using the guest account is a free license; the GM will need a purchased Guest Seat for you to join the session.

(GM) Host - Allows you to host a game a game session for players to join, is only availible during your Trial evaluation.


User Account

Join(PC) - Allows you to connect to a host. The host does not have to have an associated guest seat and your connection does not count against the Hosts number of seats.

(GM) Host - Allows you to host a game session for players to join.