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File Specifications

File Names

  • File names should be proper case (My-File-Name.jpg)
  • Please avoid accessive length.
  • Please avoid special characters (#$@^&* etc)

File Types

A file should be of type jpg, png, pdf

File Sizes

When setting the resolution for various elements, the following are common pixel sizes. We do not specifically refer to these sizes by DPI (dots-per-inch) as your game may not use a 1" scale per grid unit. File size for any individual map or map tile should not exceed 4 MB's, however, 2 MB's is our ideal target size for these assets.

  • Maps & Tiles:
    • B&W: 50 px per grid unit.
    • Color: 72 - 140 px per grid unit.
  • PC/Creature Tokens: 100-500 px per grid unit.
  • Items: 100-200 px per grid unit.
  • Status Icons: 100-200 px.
  • Marker Icons: 100-200 px.
  • Handouts: 1280x800 px as a max size to be compatible with FHD (1920x1080 px) monitors.

Directory Structure

Directory structure is strictly enforced. The exact naming conventions will be detailed out for you by your group leader (staff member).

Directory Structure.