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The options menu offers several useful options for setting how D20PRO runs and operates. The four main tabs are General, Rules, GM and About.


Options: General tab

  • Sound On: Toggles sound on or off.
  • Show ID: Show the token ID# in large text.
  • Mouse Zoom: Toggles if the map should zoom in/out via Mouse Wheel.
  • Allow Hint Popups: Toggle hints on/off.
  • Confirm On Exit: Prompts for confirmation on application close.
  • Enable Tooltips: Toggle Mouse Over text on tools and dialogs.
  • Declare Attacks without Confirmation: Removes GM Decision/Intervention for Attacks.
  • Show menu button when token (creature) selected: Shows the Common Tasks/Right-click Menu button.
  • Prompt before closing windows: Prompts for confirmation on window close.
  • Show Mini Border: Shows the Border Edge on tokens on the map.
  • Map Autoscroll: Toggles autoscroll when mousing to the edge of the screen.
  • Native File Chooser: Toggles the OS file selector vs the built in Java file selector.
  • Opaque Windows: Solid or transparent windows and panels toggle.
  • Show Game Tine: Toggle Game Time display lower middle screen.
  • Use Alternate Sound: Uses alternate sound effect set.
  • URI Trigger: Alters URI trigger behaviors (Local/Remote).
  • Show Random Hint: Displays a random hint.
  • Reset Desktop: Reset the desktop display (App only) for panel positions to defaults.
  • Reset Random Hints: Re-initializes and turns on the random hint system.
  • Reset Context Hints: Re-initializes and turns on the Context hint system.
  • Set Chat or User Font: Allows for setting a font file (custom other language) for the chat system.
  • Delete Chat or User Font: Allows for removing a font file (custom other language) for the chat system.
  • Tile Detail: Allows for limiting or not; tile or image sizes to conserve RAM/Memory.
  • Map Zoom to Settings: Monitor scaling to physical grid. Use F8 key.
    • X-Pixels: X Pixels (X resolution)
    • Y-Pixels: Y Pixels (Y resolution)
    • Diagnal Inches: Diagnol Size of monitor.
  • Show Log File: Opens the App log file in your OS default txt file viewer.
  • Advanced Check Box: Displays some Memory information and tools.
    • Attempt GC (Garbage collection): Attempt to clean memory.
    • Update Memory: Updates Memory information display.


Options: Rules tab

  • Units are Diagonal counts as = This is set in the Judge's/GM's Option Window. Note that the diagonal count will determine the templates size.
  • Map Boundaries Limit Movement This check box prevents players from moving tokens outside the defined map area.
  • Power Attack is __ = This is set in the Judge's/GM's Option Window. This will determine what penalty will apply to the attack roll and what bonus will apply to the damage when Power Attack is selected.
  • Death Condition is __ = Select one: -Value, -Ability, -%Max
  • Fast Skill 1 = This is individually set per player, set this to what skill your character uses the most.
  • Fast Skill 2 = This is individually set per player, set this to what skill your character uses the second to most.
  • Fast Skill 3 = This is individually set per player, set this to what skill your character uses the third to most.
  • Print Template = This is the template used when pressing the "Print" option from the View Creature General Tab.
  • Custom Sheet URL = Custom Character sheet URL.
  • Custom Roller URL = Custom Dice Roller URL.
  • Custom Cards URL = Custom Cards URL.
  • Service URLs = URLs for internal Services.


Options: GM tab

  • Custom Defense = Toggle custom defined defenses on/off.
    • Custom Defense 1 = Name of custom defense.
    • Custom Defense 2 = Name of custom defense.
    • Custom Defense 3 = Name of custom defense.
  • Trigger Settings = toggles active trigger conditions.
    • On Target
    • On Caster
    • On Cancel
    • On Stay
    • On Enter
    • On Exit
  • Show overlay for creature at zero health overlay = Toggles death image overlay.
  • Show status icons on creatures = Toggles status icons on creatures.
  • Show numerical damage on creatures = Toggles large numbers showing damage amount on creatures.
  • FoW Regions react to Players = When a player moves into a region currently covered by Fog of War, a prompt will display on the Judge's/GM's screen asking to approve revealing the map under the Fog of War Region the Player moved into.
  • Auto show reactive FoW Regions = Automatically approves revealing Fog of War Regions where Players have moved to.
  • Show rotated Creature Arrow = Displays an arrow to indicate figure facing.
  • Show rotated Creature picture = Rotates the image to indicate figure facing (for top-down images)
  • Invert Rotation Picture = Inverts the picture's rotation.
  • Quick Save every initiative change = Saves the game state at every initiative change.
  • Prompt before discarding a Map = Prompts user if they wish to save or discard a map when closing a map.
  • Prompt before deleting a Polygon = Pressing Delete when managing Fog of War Polygons will prompt a window confirming the delete.
  • Prompt before deleting a Tile = Pressing Delete when managing Tiles will prompt a window confirming the delete.
  • Prompt before deleting downloaded Content = Prompts user if they wish to delete the downloaded compressed data after installing the content into d20Pro.
  • I trust my Players not to cheat __ = Attacks resolve automatically and damage or miss will be displayed on the game log without Judge/GM intervention. The number is the seconds before auto-approve takes place.
  • Enable Autosave = Autosaves every 5 minutes. You can disable this feature inside the Options > Judge Window. Simply make sure "Enable Autosave" is checked.
  • Enable Legacy Abilities = Toggles the systems use of Legacy Abilities.


Options: Network/App tab

  • Get IP Address = Will display the Public and Private IP address of your computer.
  • Synchronize View = Will duplicate the map view of the Judge to all connected Players.
  • Refresh Resources = Reloads images from the image directory.
  • Quick Save = Saves the state of the game.
  • Reset Game = Closes all open maps and deletes all creatures from Limbo.
  • Process Images = Allows you to adjust an image if you know the exact specifications on the offset and reduce or enlarge dimensions.
  • Custom Defense = Allows you to pick three custom defenses. Pathfinder: CMD, CMD FF, SR. D&D 4e: Fort, Ref, Will
  • Damage Reveal = All, Team + dead or dying, Player owned and team, Player owned, Judge only, None
  • Broadcast game when a Player connects = Will automatically broadcast the game state to the connected player without having to manually approve the broadcast game to player.
  • Merge creatures automatically = Allows editing Owned tokens without GM approval, does not prompt decision window.
  • Block Exhausted = Automatically block features with exhausted pools.
  • Enable Retro Marketplace = Uses classic marketplace UI/Experience.
  • Show IP in Title bar = Toggle on/off the display of your IP in the title bar of D20PRO.


Options: Themes tab

  • Theme Selection list.
  • Background Panel color selector.


Options: About tab

  • Displays the credits about d20Pro. Also shows version information and credits Team & Beta testers.
  • We are gamers building things for gamers.
  • We thank you for your support.