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Character/Token Updating

With the ability for players to update their tokens there are few tips to making this go smoothly.

Please note; Both the Player and the GM can not have the token/character open for editing at the same time. Likewise, once the player submits the token/character to the GM for approval. Please wait just a minute after the GM approves the changes before re-opening the token/character.

Player Edit Token

Player Edit Character

  • Make the desired changes to your token/character.
  • Hit the 'Apply' button to send the changes to the GM.
  • Hitting the 'X' in the upper right corner or the 'Dismiss' button, will abort and loose any changes made.

Player Submit to GM

A confirmation dialog will ask for you to ensure you wish to send changes to the GM.

On the GM Side

GM Decision: Approve

  • OK = Approve changes without preview.
  • Expand = Preview changes before approval.
  • Cancel = Aborts changes not saved.
  • This can be overriden by toggling the Options->GM->"Merge creatures automatically" toggle.

GM Compare Changes

The GM can make changes from here by selecting options on the lower sheet and changing them as needed, if the player made a mistake or the GM needs to change other info.

Auto Merge Edits

If you wish to override GM confirmation dialog on edits, you can toggle the option in Options->GM->Merge Creatures Automatically. This will silently accept player updates to tokens.