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Template Library

Rules Library: Templates

Template Library Template Library: The template library holds templates that are used in conjunction with features to manage mechanics of abilities and effects.

Item Library Edit Button Edits the selected item.

Item Library Enable Select Box Toggles if the template is enabled or disabled.

Item Library Syncronize Button Syncronizes the currenlty selected template with the library.

Item Library Create Creates a new template on the list titled "Template #" it will be disabled by default.

Item Library Item Library Enable/Disable Allows for enabling or disabling template via multi select (Shift/Control + Click).

Item Library Sync All Syncronize all templates with library.

Item Library Item Library Import/Export Allows for importing or Exporting templates as standard XML files. This is handy for multiple campaigns.

Item Library Copy Makes a copy of the currently highlighted template.

Item Library Delete Deletes the currently highlighted template.

Be extremely carefull deleting template, once something is removed there is no getting it back.

Edit Template Screen

Rules Library: Templates-> Edit

Name Name of the template effect.

Type Selected from the templates list to define usage.

  • On Equip: Takes effect when equiped as an item.
  • At Will: Used at will.
  • Per Day: Used once per day.
  • Per Init: Used per initiative.
  • Charge: Limited by a number of charges.
  • Recharge: Reusable based on a condition.
  • Spell Pool: Draws from a spell pool.
  • Named Pool: Draws from a named pool.
  • Ammunition: Acts as an ammunition type.

Cast As & Level This field along with it's partner field is used to set the type of caster and level. This is useful for things such as wands or the like which can be used by non caster, but where a caster level is needed. A good example of which is Wand of Missiles, cast as Wizard Level 6, but is used by a none typical caster.

Use Class Level if higher (toggle) this overrides the normal level and uses the character level if it is ligher than the defined caster level.

Consume on use (toggle) Destroys the item on use.

Counts as Ammo type Defines an ammunition type for the the trait, useful for arrows and the like.

Usage x of y If the item has a charge or cost involved these fields define the normal cost and total charges for the item.

Source List of availible spells and other defined features you can attach to the trait.

Selected List of currently selected speallsand/or features attached to the trait.

Template Details: Templates Edit Cost.

Edit Cost Here you can define the cost of using the feature and/or spell for the template. It shows the default and custom values for the entry.