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Guide Docs

Guide Documentation

  • Submissions will be made in Markdown format.
  • Excerpt corrections will be posted in the forums for inclusion and/or discussion.
    • Corrections may be posted inline or as a plain text file attachment on the forums. (notepad++)
    • Once finalized, corrections and/or addition will be incorporated into the live documentation.

Art Assets

Please include example art as needed.

  • Please keep in mind file and image size.
    • Please keep images less than 1920x1080px.
  • Please use JPG when ever possible as a file format.
  • Please name your images relative to the document section you are working on.
    • Document:
      • Image: pg-token-general-tab.jpg
      • Image: pg-token-traits-tab.jpg

Github Repo


This is not implemented yet. It will become availible at a later date.

  • The docs/Guide will be available via Github repo.
    • An advanced user should branch the Github project.