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FoW: Lights

Lights Menu

Menu & GUI Buttons

The light menu dialog allows for creating, managing and deleting lights. Lights can be placed on the map or attached to tokens.

  • Visibility Toggle: Turns the light On or Off for everyone.
  • Public/Private Toggle: Toggles the light Public (everyone can see the light.) or Private (only the light Owner can see it.)
  • Map Focus Button: Refocuses the map of the light.
  • Size: Selector for light size.
  • Add: Creates a new light.
  • Duplicate: Duplicates a current light.
  • Delete: Deletes a selected light.
  • Filter: Filters lights by name.

Light Properties

Menu & GUI Buttons

  • Name: Sets a name for the light. It's a good idea to name the light something meaningfull IE: Ragnarok's Torch
  • Radious: Radious is noted in grid units, a 1.0 equals 5' or a 10' diameter
  • Visibility:
    • Enabled: Turns the light On or Off for everyone.
    • Public: Toggle whether the light is Public or Private (Owner only).
  • Fill Color: Color selection for fill.
  • Ring Color: Color selection for ring.
  • Inner Ring Color: Color selection for inner ring.
  • Gradient:
    • Range:
    • Center: Color selection for gradient color.
    • Inner: Color selection for Inner circle color [10]/20.
    • Outer: Color selection for Outer circle color 10/[20].
    • Edge: Color selection for Edge color.
  • Owned By: Set token/character as owner of the light.
  • Tethered To: Tether the light to a token/character.
  • OK: Accept changes.
  • Cancel: Cancel changes.

Adding a Light

FoW: Light Adding to token

The easiest way to add a light to a token is to use the Right-Click Menu.

  • Select the token.
  • Right Click on the token.
  • Select Light->Create->(Pick Type/Size)
  • You can manipulate the light on a token from the Draw Tools->FoW->Lights.