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Fog of War

General FOW

People are very intimidated by FOW. There is no reason to be, it's really very easy to manage once you lock onto some basic ideas.


Edges are used where you want to provide shadows but still be able to see most of the map art underlying (Statues, Boxes, Trees, large roks) are all good example of where you might wish to use an Edge instead of a wall. Edges are drawn and managed exactly like Walls are.

  • Most edges will be 'Open'.
  • Cross hatching (X style) is great for bushes and trees.
  • Try not to over do it. Too many edges can actually detract from your scene.
  • Edges are drawn in green lines, below you can see them on the statues and columns.

FOW: Edges example

FOW: Edges example non edit mode

Here is the same area as a Player would see it.

FOW: Edges Player view example