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This page is in Progress, it may contain errors and/or be incomplete.

Flow Information

Flow Editor -> Basics.

The above is the most basic lay out of the flow mechanism. This is the default state of the flow editor.

Root Feature, Trait, Spell

Flow Editor -> Root.

  • Name: The name of the flow.
  • Publisher: Publishers name for the thing.
  • Cost: The cost in charges or units for the thing.
  • Level: The level number for the thing.
  • Action Word: Used for description in the Game Log.
  • Type: Defines the things type (Feature or Spell).


Flow Editor -> Effect.

  • Trigger: Defines how the triggering mechanic.
    • See Conditionals below.
  • Cancel Condition:
    • See Conditionals below.
  • Execution Delay:
    • See Conditionals below.
  • Roll each time: If the effect has a mulitplier, roll dice each time the effect is multiplied.
  • Positive: Forces effect to be positive rather than negative number effect. I.E. Heal points rather than do harm.
  • Apply Immediately: Fires immediately within the turn.
  • Apply on saved: Apply effect when target saves.
  • Cancel on saved: Cancel effect when target saves.
  • Target caster: Target the caster by default.

Conditionals * None: * On Target: Fire on the targets turn. * On Caster: Fire on the casters turn. * On Stay: Fire if target remains in effected area. * On Exit: Fire on exit of effected area. * On Enter: Fire on entering effected area. * On Cancel: Fire on cancel/end to effected area.

Modify Target

Flow Editor->Effect: Modify Target.

  • Mod Group: Effect applies to stat or character mechanic.
    • AC: Armor Class
    • Ability: An ability score.
    • Attack Bonus: Attack Bonus.
    • DR: Damage reduction type.
    • ER: Energy Resistance type.
    • HP: Hit Points of character.
    • Inert: is inert and has no effect.
    • Saving Throw: A saving throw of the character.
    • Skill Misc: A misc skill bonus.
    • Skill Rank: A skills Rank score.
    • Speed: The characters speed number.
  • Mod Target:
    • Sub List Sublist of applicable forms.
  • Mod Type: Various damage types dependant on game system.
    • Sub List Sublist of applicable forms.


Save Type

Flow Editor->Effect: Save Type.

  • None: Default value.
  • Primary: Primary save type of target is used.
  • Secondary: Secondary save type of the target is used.
  • Attack: Attack resolution dependant.

Multiply Effect

Flow Editor->Effect: Multiply Effect.

  • Apply Type: The mechanism of the form of multiplier.
    • Repeat: Repeated sequence.
    • Multiply:
  • Classes: Applicable classes to apply Multiplier/Repeat.
  • Stack Levels:
  • Use Feature Level: Uses the Feature Level instead of the creature/caster level.
  • Value Per Level: Multiplier or Repeat value.
  • Appy At Level: Levels with which to apply Multiplier/Repeat.


Flow Editor->Effect: Status.

  • Select List: Selects Status marker to apply to the tonekn/creature. For details on Status markers, please see Custom Data:

Execute Script

Flow Editor->Effect: Execute Script.

Features To Run

Flow Editor->Effect: Features To Run.

  • Run for repeated:
  • Dialog: Opens the Feature selection dialog.

Log Entry

Flow Editor->Effect: Log Entry.

  • Field Entry: text entry field for Game Log output.


Flow Editor->Effect: Description.

  • Field Entry: Description of Effect.

Map Template

Flow Editor -> Map Template.

  • Type: Various template types (Burst, Cone, Line).
  • Size: Size X (length) selection in feet or meters.
  • Size: Size Y (width) selection in feet or meters.
  • Visible Toggle: Toggles Visible/Invisible to players.
  • Duration Toggle: Duration definition persistence.
  • Count: Number of templates to place.

Color Node

  • Color selector:
    • Custom Color: Please see Color Picker for details on this.

Duration Node

Flow Editor -> Duration.

  • Type:
    • Instant: Happens immediately.
    • Rounds: Happens for a number of rounds based on Combat Mode and Roster. Please see Combat Mode for details on this.
    • Minutes: Happens for a number of Minutes based on the Game Clock. Please see Game Time for details on this.
    • Hours: Happens for a number of Hours based on the Game Clock. Please see Game Time for details on this.
    • Days: Happens for a number of Days based on the Game Clock. Please see Game Time for details on this.
    • Infinite: Happens untill canceled.

Value Node

Save/Attack Node

Flow Editor -> Save/Attack.

  • Type:
    • Primary: Primary Save.
    • Secondary: Secondary Save.
    • Attack: Attack based save.
  • Throw: Target number for save success.
  • Result:
    • Negates: A successful save negates effects.
    • Half: A successful save reduces effect by half.

Value Node Node

Creature Attack Node

Flow Editor -> Creature Attack.

  • To Hit: To Hit modifier for the Attack.
  • Name: Name of the Attack.
  • Crit: Critical Range
  • Type: Type of attack.
  • Vs: What the attack targets.
  • Cascade:
    • Secondary Attacks: whether multiple attacks are allowed.
    • Single Attack: Single attack, no multiple attacks allowed.
  • Style: The form of the attack.

Attack Damage Node

  • Type: The type of damage to be applied.
  • Dice: The value of the damage to be applied.

Features To Run Node

Flow Editor -> Features To Run.

  • Run for repeated: if the effect is multiplied/repeated run these Features for each instance of the multiplied/Repeated effect.
  • Dialog: Opens the Feature selection dialog.

Log Entry Node

Flow Editor -> Log Entry.

Description Node

Flow Editor -> Description.