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Skills Tab

Character Edit -> Skills Tab.

The Skills tab allows you to manage skills on your character sheet.

  • Add: adds a new Skill to the list of skillss on your character.
  • Delete: deletes an existing skill from the list of skills.
  • View Toggles: Displays Skills.
    • Show All: Shows All Skills from Library.
    • Proficiency/Ranked: Shows Skills on the character which have Proficiencies/Ranks.
    • NonProficiency/Ranked: Shows Skills on the character which do not have Proficiencies/Ranks.
  • Proficiency/Ranks: Shows total number of Proficiencies/Ranks.
  • Penalty: Opens the Penalties dialog to allow adding a global/category Skill penalty.

Skills List Item

  • D20: Double clicking the blue Dice will roll that Skill for the character.
  • Skill: The Name of the Skill.
  • Atribute: The Attribute associated with the skill.
  • Proficiency/Ranks: Proficiencies/Ranks for the Skill.
  • Modifier: Misc modifier for the SKill.

Character Edit -> Skills -> Add.

Character Edit -> Skills -> Penalty.