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Spell Library

Rules Library -> Spells.

Spell Library Spell Library -- The Spell Library holds Spells for use with classes and items.

Item Library Edit Button Edits the selected spell.

Item Library Enable Select Box Toggles if the spell is enabled or disabled.

Item Library Syncronize Button Syncronizes the currenlty selected spell with the library.

Item Library Create Creates a new spell on the list titled "Spell #" it will be disabled by default.

Item Library Item Library Enable/Disable Allows for enabling or disabling spells via multi select (Shift/Control + Click).

Item Library Item Library Import/Export Allows for importing or Exporting spells as standard XML files. This is handy for multiple campaigns.

Item Library Copy Makes a copy of the currently highlighted spell.

Item Library Delete Deletes the currently highlighted spell.

Be extremely carefull deleting spells, once something is removed there is no getting it back.

Edit Spell Items

Spell Details.

A Spell has three parts, description, flow and notes.


This ia a rich text field and can contain any information you wish. Most often it is a direct copy of the item straight from it's parent source.


Spell Details: Flow.

The flow mechanics are where the automation and mechanics for a thing come into play and take shape. Please see Rules Library: Flow.


This is a rich text field and can contain any information you wish. Most often it is where the GM would place house rule information or relevant sources on a given item.