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Fog of War

General FOW

People are very intimidated by FOW. There is no reason to be, it's really very easy to manage once you lock onto some basic ideas.


You can for a less complex form of lighting you can use simply (Visible/Not Visible). The key to this is in your Masks and simply setting them to "Passive" instead of "Interactive".

FOW: Simple Walls & Masks

With simple Solid Walls outlining the areas and then "Passive" Masks we create a very classic dungeon look and feel. To flesh out this theme, the GM would set any non Party tokens to Invisible so they are not seen by the Party, as well as remove them from Initiative so they do not show up in the Roster.

FOW: Player Side Simple Walls & Masks

The player is able to see everything within his current area as well as anywhere he has been. The GM can also move behind the player and retoggle areas 'hidden'.

FOW: Simple Walls & Doors

Using simple walls and doors tool the scene can be enhanced adding a bit more depth.

FOW: Simple Walls & Doors Player side.

Here is what the player would see.