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Backup & Restore

Campaign Backup

Game Management -> Backup & Restore.

D20PRO does not really have an internal Campaign Backup/Restore method. Here we'll walk through doing this by hand.

  • You'll need to be familiar with your systems file browser.
  • You'll need to know the location you installed D20PRO to (C:\d20pro).
    • (Windows) Right click on your D20PRO desktop icon, select 'Properties', then select 'Open file location'.

Be extremely carefull deleting/restoring campaign folders, once something is removed or over writtin there is no getting it back.

Never alter campaign folders while D20PRO is running.


To make a back up you will need to know where D20PRO is installed.

  • Prepare a space to contain your backup using your systems file browser (either on the same drive or preferably on a second drive or external media type).
  • Navigate to the installation folder via your systems file browser.
  • Then navigate to the /judge/ subfolder.
    • If you wish to backup all your games, simply copy the /campaigns/ subfolder located here to the location of your choice.
    • If you wish to backup a specific game, navigate to the /campaigns/ subfolder. Here you will see each of your games as folders, with the games name as the folder name. Copy the folders you want to the location of your choice.


Restoring a game is exactly the opposite as doing a back up, with one preparatory step beforehand. It is a good idea to backup the folder you are restoring over as well as wipe that folder clean prior to placing a backup into that location.

Beta Backup

Game Management -> Beta Backup.

If you are running a Beta, it will prompt you to backup. This creates a folder in your /campaigns/ folder titled 'Backup_x.x.x.x - the campaign name'. You can use this to restore game data previous to the current instance run.

Beta Backup -> File Manager.