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Fog of War

General FOW

People are very intimidated by FOW. There is no reason to be, it's really very easy to manage once you lock onto some basic ideas.


When putting down walls it's good form to do so leaving as much of the natural artwork as you can, The intention is to maintain the map artistic qualities, but provide bounds for the players so they can better judge the area they are in and make decisions based on those revelations.

FOW: Wall Nodes

  • Try to space out nodes, 1.5 to 2 inches between nodes is a good rule of thumb.
  • Highly detailed areas might dictate overriding the above rule.

FOW: Wall Nodes to close together

In the above example you can see a lot of nodes are used, while this does look pretty it is time consuming to do. More importantly, it actually hampers the map performance, since for every node you place the engine has to do math to determine Shadowcasting.

FOW: Wall Nodes Complete

Here is the map with all the Closed walls drawn in, notice we used Open walls on the edge gaps.