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Flow (Input Field)

This page is in Progress, it may contain errors and/or be incomplete.

Flow Input Field

Flow Editor -> Input Field.

These input fields do basic mechanics or format things for output. In the end, these need to resolve to an Integer.


Flat number

A flat number can be entered to do a staic amount. This is often used in 'Fast Play' formats where everything does an average number;


Sword 5 (1d6+Str Bonus), many systems use this format to show the 'Fast Play' or average number, then the crunchy dice mechanics for normal play.

Basic Dice

Basic dice rolls can be included.

I.E. These are all possible syntax variations.

  • dice(1d4)
  • dice(1d4)+1
  • dice(1d4)+dice(1d6)+1
  • dice(2d4)+2


Using scripts to determine some aspects of character numbers is required. We have done many of the most basic scripts for you. You can see availible scripts in the Rules Library->Scripts, there is also an auto complete active on most fields; so if you start typing it will show a drop list of matches to pick from.

Script names are case sensitive, getchamod() does NOT equal getChaMod().


  • dice(1d4)+getChaMod() works
  • dice(1d4)+getchamod() fails


If you need a subtotal or number manipulation inside a script call, you need to wrap it in a func().

I.E enlargeTarget(func(getChaMod() + 2))


Input Field->Javascript: Operators.

Input fields can take most java script operators.

For a quick insight please see W3 Schools: JS Ref->Operators