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Game Tools

Main Menu This opens some useful tools such as templates and other useful things (Fog of War, Templates, Map Markers, Boxed Text, Triggers) for both players and GMs


Templates Menu

Templates Place templates on the map. Please see Common Tasks/Templates for details on Templates.

Map Markers

Game Tools: Markers

Map Markers Place markers on the map. Please see Common Tasks/Markers for details on Markers.

Boxed Text

Game Tools: Boxed Text

Boxed Text Boxed text allow you to compose or paste in larger blocks of text which in turn can be put out to the game log.

  • Announce: Pushes entered content to the game log.

  • Paste: Pastes the content of the clipboard into the dialog box.

  • Clear: Clears the dialog box.


Triggers: General

Triggers Triggers allows for linking to syrinscape or other forms of media.

Syrinscape Integration

Triggers: Syrinscape Integration

Syrinscape integration (URI Triggers) - (Windows only) Syrinscape must be installed on each Player's computer to be heard. For more information about Syrinscape, please visit their website at: (free version is ok if only using the free version's sounds)

Pressing - and = (shares + on same key) on the keyboard at the same time:

Then click on one of the + inside Syrinscape to copy the URI Trigger, then paste inside (as GM) either Game Tools - Attachments or Game Tools - Map Markers section. Or as a Player use Game Tools - Map Markers. Click on the "New" button at the bottom and enter the name of the sound and paste in the URI and press Enter to save.