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Game Log

Game Log Example

The game log shows a great deal of information about your game. Players can text chat here. GMs and players can whisper private chat and message between each other. It also, shows things like Dice rolls, movement, Attack results and GM boxed text from map markers.

  • Channels:
    • All: defaults to showing all log items and is the main channel used most of the time.
    • Game: defaults to showing mechanics results from the current session.
    • Chat: defaults to showing Tells and OOC dialog.
    • +: Opens the create new channel dialog.
  • Show Context Menu: Opens the context menu dialog.
    • Create Subscription Tab: Same as + button, opens the create new channel dialog.
    • Edit Subscription: Opens the current channel subscription configuration allowing you to rename and toggle several output options for the current channel.
    • Clear Log: Clears the game log for the current channel.
    • Refresh Log: Reloads the game log for the current channel.
    • Toggle Player List: Toggle the far right channel participants column on or off.
  • Participants List: This column lists the connected people in the channel.
  • Text Input Field: Allows typing text into the current channel or performing commands such /roll 1d4+1. Please see Common Tasks/Shortcut Keys for a list of text commands, or type /? in the text input box.