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Manage Campaigns Button

Manage Campaign Dialog

Opens a dialog for you to manage your campaigns. From here you can select, create a new campaign, or delete an existing campaign.

Create campaign button

  • Name: The name of your campaign.
  • System: The rule set used for your campaign.
  • SRD: The system Reference Document site used for your campaign.
  • OK Button: Accept and create campaign.
  • Cancel Button: Cancels the dialog and returns to the Manage Campaigbs dialog.

Create Campaign Dialog

Delete campaign button

Deletes the selected campaign from the list.

Be extremely careful deleting campaigns, there is no way to recover one once it has been deleted.

Backup Campaigns

Campaigns Backup

It's a -really- good idea to backup your campaigns.

  • Open file explorer
  • Navigate to where you installed D20PRO.
  • Navigate to the /Judge/Campaigns subfolder.
  • Right-Click on the campaign folder you wish to backup.
  • Select Copy
  • Navigate to where you wish to store your backups.
  • Right-Click and select Paste.