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Mini View

The Mini View

Tokens -> Mini view.

The mini view is a handy option to quickly see information about a token on the board.


The stats tab allows you to see many of the quick things such as AC, stats and other crunchy bit on a character without having to open and view the entire character sheet.


This is the Notes field of the character sheet.


Tokens -> Mini view: Effects.

Shows any effect currently active on the token.

  • Name of the Effect.
  • Duration of the Effect.
  • Description of the Effect.
  • Mechanics of the Effect.

If the GM is viewing the Mini View, they can cancel effects on the token from here as well. Alternatively, they can use the Menu Button: Active Effects.


Legacy tab (to be removed?)

Chat Box

Tokens -> Mini view: Chat Box.

Outputs dialog to the Game Log as if the token/character where speaking. It does take /tell commands as well. For information on the /tell command, please see Common Tasks->Shortcuts.