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Item Library

Rules Library: Items

Item Library Item Library: Manages items used on tokens or placed on the map.

Item Library Edit Button Edits the selected item.

Item Library Enable Select Box Toggles if the item is enabled or disabled.

Item Library Syncronize Button Syncronizes the currenlty selected item with the library.

Item Library Create Creates a new item on the list titled "Item #" it will be disabled by default.

Item Library Item Library Enable/Disable Allows for enabling or disabling items via multi select (Shift/Control + Click).

Item Library Sync All Syncronize all item with library.

Item Library Item Library Import/Export Allows for importing or Exporting items as standard XML files. This is handy for multiple campaigns.

Item Library Copy Makes a copy of the currently highlighted item.

Item Library Delete Deletes the currently highlighted item.

Be extremely carefull deleting items, once something is removed there is no getting it back.

Editing Items

Rules Library: Items->Editing

  • Image Icon: Icon used in various places within the application. You can use jpg or png images. It is best to keep images uniform at a resolution of 150x150px.
  • Name: The name of the itme as it will appear on lists and information dialogs.
  • Source: Used to define the source for the item. This sets which tab the item will be shown under on some displays.
  • Weight: The weight value of the item.
  • Module/Product: The Module or Product the item belongs to.
  • Quantity: If the item has a count, such as Arrows or the like, you can set that here.
  • Use Style: Defines the items mechanical usage.
    • 1-Hand: Used one handed.
    • 2-Hand: Used two handed.
    • Offhand: Is an offhand item, usualy used at a penalty.
    • Thrown: A thrown item typically uses Dex rather than str as it's linked attribute.
    • Bow: Bow type weapons.
    • Bullet: An ammunition type.
    • Crossbow: A crossbow type weapon.
    • Touch: Used when a targets armor isn't relevant to the attack.
    • Ray: A ray based attack for caster types.
  • Description: The rich text description of the item, this is typically a straight copy from the rules source.