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Fog of War

General FOW

People are very intimidated by FOW. There is no reason to be, it's really very easy to manage once you lock onto some basic ideas.


Now we could with a map this small, do a single Closed Mask over the whole map for shadowcasting. That is fine, but there are some drawbacks to doing it that way.

  • Players can see where ever they move their token to. This can be bad for the GM and reveal things when it is not appropriate.
  • On larger maps this approach is hard on the rendering engine and system ram.
  • It is much harder on the rendering engine if you have overlapping elements such as (Walls, Masks and the like).

FOW: Masks

Here we have used a closed Mask set to Passive and sectioned off the outside region of the map, this area is revealed (Green) to the players and does not require them to have a light.

FOW: Masks interior

We have also started masking the interior, this is done with a Interactive Closed Mask. It is currently set to Hidden (blue) as seen in the prior image above the current image. It doesn't currently look blue directly above, because it's currently active in the Edit mode.